Places of Visit

     Take a stunning mountain drive along the Tibetan Plateau to Gurudongmar, the biggest lakes in Sikkim and Tsho Lhamu the source of life line river Tista which is a day tour from Lachen.

Guru Dongmar lake: Situated at a height of 17,100 feet on the Tibetan plateau, it truly is a pearl in the desert. It is the largest lake in Sikkim and a very holy one for the Sikkimese and Buddhists alike. No visit to North Sikkim shall be complete without visiting Gurudongmar Lake The lake is supposed to have many healing powers and it is also believed that the lake shows the future of person if he is pure and sincere.
     From Thango you can enjoy a visit to Chopta Valley which offers the wonders of river meandering and its here where you can actually walk over the frozen river during winter. It is the summer residence of the nomadic Lachenpas , till a few years back the entire village would migrate from Lachen to Thangu during the summer months but now due to a more settled life few herders come to Thangu. Located 30 kms. from Lachen at an altitude of 13,000 feet the valley completely opens out over here to lush green meadows conducive to cattle food. During summer and monsoon the entire place is dotted with flowers of all kinds giving the appearance of a gigantic flower basket; quite a few varieties of rhododendrons, primulas and wild flowers can be observed from May to September. It also serves as a base camp for trekkers to Muguthang and Lashar valley.

Chopta valley: Wonders never cease in North Sikkim with each turn, each valley, each rivulet trying to out do the other in the scenic beauty that it offers. Few places come close to virgin of appeal of Chopta Valley ( 13,200 ft ). Just a 10 minutes drive from Thangu, this valley provides one of the few accessible places in Sikkim where a visitor can actually walk over the frozen river. The riot of colors during spring belie this aspect, though.

      As the spring starts the whole valley becomes carpeted with beautiful alpine flowers which gives flowers from early April and beautifies the valley up to July, and then the Sky opens up for beauty landscape, you will find yourself lost in the hills of snow capped mountain and finally the valley gets replaced by snow from December and remains covered upto late March.

Deothang / Alexzendra David neel cave : This beautiful valley situated between Kalep village, near Thangu is a two hour walk from Kalep. On top of the mountain there are two caves which have been used by monks for meditation purpose since centuries. The first Rinpochi, Lachen Gumchen Rinpochi [Nawang Kunzang Yosher] stayed in the upper cave and meditated for 13 years. Just below this cave there is another cave where the famous French explorer and spiritualist Alexandra David-Neel meditated under the guidance of Gumchen Aphur Yogden, from 1914 to 1916.